The protection of data has been important since the beginning of data.  As the methodologies of utilizing and creating data evolve, so does the need to protect that data.  Today it is as much about protecting that data as it is making that data, available for any use case for which a copy of data may be needed.  Data recovery, disaster recovery, cyber resilience (which to me is the same as disaster recovery) and data reuse are all reasons why a copy of revenue producing data may need to be utilized.  This evolution in protecting information or making a copy of this data is "Data Resilience".  Ensuring that the data you have is resilient, for any architecture, means your business is prepared to withstand anything, a data outage or the need to utilize copies of primary data copies for other use cases to gain competitive advantage.

In this episode of SpectrumCast, Steve, Randy and Sean (Tricia was out this week) bring on two guests, Greg Van Hise (IBM) and Venkat Krillo (Red Hat), to discuss the evolution of how data is being created with containers, the different storage necessary to support container based application creation and deployment as well as how to protect this data and this new environment.  We hope you enjoy.


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