The number one application driving data to the cloud is data protection.  Whether it be for backup or disaster recovery, these solutions are filling up the cloud.  Some think it is because it is inexpensive, some of it is due to corporate mandate, however at the end of the day here is what we know.  Data Protection is not a corporations strategic application.  Meaning it isn't an application that makes a company money.  The data in your backups are usually the second or third copy as well, so putting it in the cloud for long-term retention seems safer that putting production data there.  As corporate mandates come down and dictate that IT have a "cloud strategy" it is usually backup data that is the first to go there.  

Additionally, as applications are born on the cloud, there needs to be a way to protect this data which gives rise to how do companies do this?

Listen in to understand some of the requirements, as well as some of the pitfalls and things to think about when architecting your backups in and on the cloud.

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