Today the team is joined by Dan Thompson, IBM expert in the field of data resilience.  Dan and his team run a two day class once a quarter that focuses in on how to harden your data resilience environment.  If you are about your data and being able to retrieve it when you need it when something happens, this two day class is a must.  

Dan, Tricia, Sean, Rand and I talk about just a few of the common sense things that should happen in order to make sure you create as many barriers against the bad actors trying to infiltrate your environment.

Tricia's Tool Time Tip this week lets us all know that we have a new release of our products coming out, Spectrum Protect, Spectrum Protect Plus and Spectrum CDM and where folks can go to find out what is new and how to use these new features - TSM Evangelist.

In the news this week Randy highlights that the fact that there is a great deal of sophistication on the rise when it comes to these cyber attackers.


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