Virtual Disk Storage

History truly does repeat itself. We are talking about the history of data storage. Every once and a while a new technology comes along that requires a new way to think about infrastructure. Notice I said “infrastructure”. I’d like to paint two analogies:

Analogy 1: RAID – Prior to RAID users stored their data on disk and if they could afford it, they backed that data up to have a protected copy of their data… Read more »

The Side Effects of Backup on Server Virtualization

Server virtualization has changed the IT landscape dramatically. It has become a magic potion curing a number of ills in the physical server world such as low individual CPU utilization and excess use of space, power and cooling in the data center. However, like all potions that cure what ails you, there can be side effects. You need to be careful of what the Witch Doctor orders.

When I speak with customers who have aggressively… Read more »