Storage Alchemy LLC / VMTurbo

Storage Alchemy LLC / VMTurbo

Okay, so it is official, Storage Alchemy LLC is off the ground and running. Right now I am helping some folks in the 'next generation' data protection space with messaging and go to market as well as marketing, social and sales enablement. As most of you know, data protection is my forte and am excited to be, once again, working on 'next generation' data protection.

The other project I am working on and am… Read more »

Defining Cloud

Defining Cloud

A decade or so ago, service providers made a valiant attempt trying to change the way IT managed there applications and their data. There were a few issues that played a significant role in the demise of service provides back then however. First, there was a distinct lack of understanding of the velocity at which IT can and does change. Quite often I see infrastructure sales people proposing solutions to customer problems that require more… Read more »

The Storage Alchemist in Prague

Alright, landed safe in Prague and was picked up by one of my colleagues and whisked away to the IBM office. There we did an interview with Czech writer Martin Noska from Computerworld for IDG in Czech Republic. The first Noska informed me was that IBM is the number one in storage sales in Czech Republic (just like Poland!). He also had some very good questions and he with “What are IBM’s biggest challenges… Read more »

5 Most Interesting Things at VMworld 2011

Two solid days at VMworld 2011 and I got to do and see a lot. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 things I saw at VMworld.

#1 The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube

You couldn’t miss it. You walk into the show floor and there they were, larger than life. The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube broadcasting live from VMworld2011. Guests that were on the cube included, Tom Georgens (NTAP), Pat Gelsinger (EMC), David… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Use IBM for VM Deployments

After a full first day at VMworld, I started to think more about IBM and their technology solutions that help customers in a VMware environment. Here is a top ten list of things to consider when looking at a VMware implementation and how IBM can help.

#1 Integration

VMware is playing Switzerland and ensuring all vendors are on a level playing field, so when other vendors state that they have “better” or “closer” technology… Read more »