In the 2022 inaugural episode of the SpectrumCast, Tricia, Randy, Sean and Steve are back at it again talking about all things Data Resilience.  This week the team discusses a few things.  First we talk about the pros and cons to having a quarterly release cycle for software.  Randy makes some great points from a couple of different articles that talk about how to maintain product velocity and another article that goes into the math that talks about the more product release cycles you have, the easier you can cut down on software defects.

Next the team and I talk about 4 key functional areas that are necessary for data resilience.  These are; simplicity, cyber, cloud and containers.  Having simplicity with your data resilience solution helps to lower your overall opex and make the solution easier for every who needs to utilize a data resilience solution the ability to do so.  Its also necessary that your solution help to protect you against cyber threats, can help protect cloud and SaaS workloads and are able to help not only protect container workloads, but help others who need access to the data, be able to utilize the protected data for other business use case.

Hope you enjoy the show.


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