The protection of data on larger filers can be complex and take a long time.  Time is one thing we don't have in the backup space.  As data continues to grow, every day we lose time.  To help with this, technologies that utilize the "incremental forever" process of backing up data have been able to keep up with the growth of data.  For filers, performing the incremental forever backup is difficult, however NetApp, a number of years ago, came out with a piece of technology for its ONTAP OS in its filers to help with this. It was called SnapDiff.  This enabled product such as Spectrum Protect to be able to do incremental forever backups and be able to meet backup windows for customers.

Well, low and behold, NetApp has decided it is taking aways this functionality in an effort to get you to spend more money with NetApp and stop using your existing backup solution.

Listen to this podcast as Del Hoobler, Product Director in Product Management for IBM Data Resilience talks about the impact of this NetApp announcement and what customers can do to still be able to meet their business objectives.


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