Over time, your data protection solution can slowly "lose a step" when it comes to protecting your information.  Data grows, processes change, SLAs evolve and soon, your backups aren't working the way the business needs them too.  

Sometimes the first reaction is to all customer support.  When they can't necessarily help because there really isn't a product defect, clients can take that the wrong way and become upset and even look for new solutions.

In a new special edition of SpectrumCast, host Steve Kenniston, The Storage Alchemist, speaks with a new cast consisting of Todd Owczarzak, from IBM Spectrum Protect Support, and Jim Smith and Jason Basler from IBM Spectrum Protect Development.

The objective here is to help clients look at what may have changed over time and see how it can be addressed, both before you call customer support and also before you invest in a new solution, which may require a complete re-architecture and cost a lot of money.

Todd, Jim and Jason have been helping clients for years with issues just like these and are here to share some best practices they have for clients who see just these types of issues.

Each week we will explore new things to think about when looking at your data protection environment and how to make sure it is healthy.  This week we discuss the Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprints for a healthy data protection environment.

Welcome to SpectrumCast Health Checks.  We hope you enjoy.  If you have any thoughts you would like us to address, please let us know here, YouTube or an outlet on social media.


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