Data protection has continued to morph over the last 20+ years.  Today we are seeing a new evolution as to what it means to ensure data is safe and protected.

It used to be that when businesses though about data protection, they thought about backup and recovery. Today’s data protection, is now all about ensuring that your business is resilient, and since data is the lifeblood of business, is your data resilient?

In this episode of the SpectrumCast Data Resilience Vodcast - we talk about how data protection is not just a "new way" for vendors to talk about backup, but a way to think, and architect, their environment to ensure the fastest recovery with the least amount of downtime.

This year we are also adding an "In the News" segment to our Vodcast.  This week we cover the deplatforming of Parler from Amazon. Not as a first amendment issue, but what does it mean with essentially your data center goes away, how do you make sure your data in also in your possession when you leverage the cloud and how to get your site back.

All, this week on the Data Resilience SpectrumCast


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