Flash is Really about Economics

Flash is Really about Economics

Kudos to IBM! For the first time since I can remember, they have come out, loud and proud about storage technology and capabilities that truly do trump anyone else in the industry. And they didn’t just brag about the fact they have better technology. They made it abundantly clear that this announcement is about providing significant customer value. IBM has made a very bold statement about their all flash systems and what they will… Read more »

The Eve of the Facebook IPO

The Eve of the Facebook IPO

So yesterday I am flying back from Slovakia through London and I hear to girls behind me talking about Facebook. They are both discussing the fact that they would NEVER buy Facebook stock because they are both leaving Facebook, and of course it was just a “fad” and everyone else who joined is just going to get off as well so pretty soon (I believe the quote they used was “as fast as they became… Read more »

Storage Efficiency Panel - SNW 2011 Fall

Yesterday I was on a panel at SNW in Orlando Florida. The panel was hosted by Dave Vellente, Founder of Wikibon and always a great host for these kinds of things. On the panel was Larry Freeman of NetApp, Craig Nunes of HP (formally 3Par), Jarred Floyed CTO / Founder at Permabit and myself, IBM (formally Storwize).

Some interesting data came out of this panel. There were probably over 150 people in the audience. It… Read more »

Marketing Gone Awry

Okay, so not many times will you see a blog post from me admitting that, perhaps the marketing and messaging aspect of what I set out to do, probably could have been better thought out.

What am I saying? Well, after the Storwize acquisition into IBM, and IBM so graciously took the “Storwize” name and put it on another product, we needed to come up with… Read more »

5 Most Interesting Things at VMworld 2011

Two solid days at VMworld 2011 and I got to do and see a lot. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 things I saw at VMworld.

#1 The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube

You couldn’t miss it. You walk into the show floor and there they were, larger than life. The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube broadcasting live from VMworld2011. Guests that were on the cube included, Tom Georgens (NTAP), Pat Gelsinger (EMC), David… Read more »