Defining Big Data

Defining Big Data

Tuesday night I attended an event – storagefest II 2012, which was hosted by Valhalla Partners. The event was a dinner with a group of storage experts from all vectors of the storage industry. There were customers of storage technologies, VCs with investments in storage, entrepreneurs (folks from storage startups), industry insiders (analysts) and folks from storage companies who have been acquired into large companies. The goal of the event also had… Read more »

Storage Efficiency Panel - SNW 2011 Fall

Yesterday I was on a panel at SNW in Orlando Florida. The panel was hosted by Dave Vellente, Founder of Wikibon and always a great host for these kinds of things. On the panel was Larry Freeman of NetApp, Craig Nunes of HP (formally 3Par), Jarred Floyed CTO / Founder at Permabit and myself, IBM (formally Storwize).

Some interesting data came out of this panel. There were probably over 150 people in the audience. It… Read more »

Virtual Disk Storage

History truly does repeat itself. We are talking about the history of data storage. Every once and a while a new technology comes along that requires a new way to think about infrastructure. Notice I said “infrastructure”. I’d like to paint two analogies:

Analogy 1: RAID – Prior to RAID users stored their data on disk and if they could afford it, they backed that data up to have a protected copy of their data… Read more »

Efficiency vs. Optimization

“Storage Efficiency” has become a big topic over the past 12 months. There are a number of new technologies that have come out in the last few years that are helping to deal with storage growth. We all know that data is the root of the decisions that drive business today. The more data you have, hopefully, the better decisions you can make to drive your business to success. The question is, “what is… Read more »