Copy Data Management – A Data Protection Solution for the 10% Who “Get It”

Copy Data Management – A Data Protection Solution for the 10% Who “Get It”

I read a blog post the other day entitled “Is Copy Data Management a Replacement for Backup?” One of the big reasons this topic has popped up is because 90% of revenue from the “vendors” the author talks about comes from backup. This article comes on the heels of Microsoft coming out saying ‘backup software is dead’. In addition, in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant ‘Strategic Planning Assumptions’ they said:

By 2016, 20% of the… Read more »

Data Deduplicaiton - What?!

Data Deduplicaiton - What?!

Let me get this straight, I am going to go back to my days of blogging about data deduplication? What?

The reality is that data deduplication is really one of the latest technologies to become commoditized. More and more we are hearing about “Software Defined Infrastructure” or “Software Defined Storage”. This makes sense to me especially when you have the ability to start taking the specialty storage services such as virtualization, thin provisioning, and deduplication… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Use IBM for VM Deployments

After a full first day at VMworld, I started to think more about IBM and their technology solutions that help customers in a VMware environment. Here is a top ten list of things to consider when looking at a VMware implementation and how IBM can help.

#1 Integration

VMware is playing Switzerland and ensuring all vendors are on a level playing field, so when other vendors state that they have “better” or “closer” technology… Read more »

Real-time Compression "Meets Minimum"

IBM's Ed Walsh, Director of Storage Efficiency sits down with Steve Duplessie, Founder of ESG to talk about how IBM Real-time Compression sets the bar for doing storage optimization in NAS. At the end of the day, if you can do compression in real time, without sacrificing performance and the transparency of the implementation, then why wouldn't you - given the savings you can get over traditional compression.

We all know compression is not… Read more »