As time evolves, so has the mechanisms that enable us to create new applications that help foster a competitive advantage.  Applications used to live on physical systems, then they moved to virtual systems and now, born on the cloud applications are taking on a whole new meaning.  Created on prem in a cloud like environment, in the public cloud, with containers, at the end of the day, creators of applications, don't want to be tied to an operating environment.  The ability to create applications once and run anywhere is what folks are looking to be able to do.

This poses new challenges for how the data these applications, and the data they create, are protected.

In this episode, Tricia, Sean, Randy and Steve talk about IBM Cloud Paks, yet another new way to create applications but in the way developers want and how to protect the data that these Cloud Paks create.

Also, yet another cyber attack, this time against something we all love - our beer!


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