Last week I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on #CurrentStatus. I have been following Petri ( and Phoummala Schmitt (@exchangegoddess), Melissa Palmer (@vmiss33) and Theresa Miller (@24x7itconnect) for a while now (thanks to my buddy Rich Pappas (@rpappas). I have a great deal of respect for these women, what they have done in technology and what they are doing with their show. It is a great show and I had a great time on it. I highly encourage folks to watch their shows (you can see past episodes of 'the currentsatus' on youtube.) They are fun and its not your same old dull IT conversation.

On the this weeks show we talked about the big move in data management for 2015, Copy Data Management (as well as trying to figure you if you have more dog or cat pictures in your environment). Rather than review the show - have a listen:


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