Our domain, Backup & Beyond was the tagline for Avamar Technologies, a company EMC acquired in November of 2006. This tagline was very fitting from a data protection standpoint because Avamar utilized a traditional client / server architecture to protect data but with a twist. Avamar utilizes a more intelligent client side agent that provides source based, variable block deduplication to enable the most efficient backups available in the market for more than 80% of a data centers data. Avamar also leverages this same technology to replicate this data between disk based backup targets there by dramatically reducing the reliance on tape. This new technology, that has enabled new processes is taking backup beyond.

The title of our blog, Road to Recovery - well, like every good title it is a play on words and trust me, as with every title it took us a while to come up with it. That said, the industry has been talking about the fact that backup is really about recovery. The same can be said for other data protection tools. This is why our goal is to talk about methodologies (technologies and processes) that help you to recover data. When IT professionals are polled, they often say that data protection (backup) is still the number one issue they have in the data center. We say it is time to stepup and admit it and start the 'Road to Recovery' when it comes to your data protection environment.

Let us know what your challengs are, we are here for you, your support system and we welcome you comments and questions.


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