The Next Wave of Data Protection(?) Access!

The Next Wave of Data Protection(?) Access!

So, it’s been a little bit of time since the last post. As you may have seen, I have taken on a new role as the VP of Marketing and Strategy at Catalogic Software, so things have been a bit busy here the last few weeks.

First, Catalogic Software is a private equity buy out of the larger entity Syncsort who has been around since 1968 – the year I was born. During their life… Read more »

Data Protection, Retention and Archive Starts with Data Value

It feels good to open up the blogging again to new topics, especially ones I am intimately familiar with. (But have no fear, there will be references to primary storage optimization / compression.)

This weekend I had an interesting conversation with my Dad. We were discussing backup. My dad basically runs IT for the State of Maine. The State of Maine uses CommVault backup software. So I posed the question to him, “What would it… Read more »

Business Outcomes are what Matters

I spent last week in London meeting with IBM Real-time Compression customers and partners and supporting the launch of the new IBM Storwize V7000 (not to be confused with the company IBM purchased a month ago).

While on this trip I met with a great colleague Matthew Yeager. Matthew is one of the leading technologists working for ComputaCenter in the UK. We spent a couple of hours discussing how the IT business was changing… Read more »

Disk Elasticity and Storage Efficiency

Storage is elastic. How do I know you ask? Yesterday I visited a customer who is using the Storwize product to do Real-time Compression on their primary storage. The customer is Allianz and has been using the product for over a year. They see 75% compression on their users home directory data. To give you an idea, Allianz is an insurance company and generates TONS of spreadsheets, 14TB worth of spreadsheets (okay, not all 14TB… Read more »

A Data Proteciton Reference Architecture – Part 4

Business Critical Applications

The tip of the triangle focuses on the applications (or data) that drives your business. It is these applications within your business that, should they go down for any length of time, cost you money. The recovery of this information, in the event of a ‘disaster’, needs to be very fast (RTO in minutes) and the data can’t be very ‘old’ when it is recovered (short RPO, less than 24 hours). Typically… Read more »