2014, The Year of the Undead, the Year of Tape

2014, The Year of the Undead, the Year of Tape

I don’t know about you all, but I am really tired of hearing about tape being “dead”. As the picture shows, folks have been trying to kill off tape since 1984, that’s 30 years ago. I know for a fact that customers have tapes that are 30 years old that they can read data from. Bring me a HDD that is 30 years old and “show me the data”. You can’t!

In reality, the… Read more »

Fixed Input vs. Variable Input Compression

Fixed Input vs. Variable Input Compression

As a number of you know, I have been blogging about the merits of Real-time Compression. It may be of some interest to know that when Ed Walsh, CEO of Storwize, asked me to join and told me the company focused on "compression", I first thought he was joking. I mean the industry has had compression available for years. The reality is, there is no other technology like Real-time Compression available from any vendor, and… Read more »

Marketing Gone Awry

Okay, so not many times will you see a blog post from me admitting that, perhaps the marketing and messaging aspect of what I set out to do, probably could have been better thought out.

What am I saying? Well, after the Storwize acquisition into IBM, and IBM so graciously took the “Storwize” name and put it on another product, we needed to come up with… Read more »

The Storage Alchemist in Lubianijana, Slovenia and Umag, Croatia

Okay, so I rounded out my trip after leaving Prague to Slovenia and Croatia. In both locations there was an IBM Storage Forum conference. In Slovenia, IBM has just moved into a new building this year called Crystal Palace. It was very beautiful. The highlights of the Form were Cloud, Big Data and Real-time Compression. At the IBM Slovenia Form I discussed Real-time Compression. There were approximately 80 customers and partners at the conference. They… Read more »

The Storage Alchemist in Sterdyn (Poland)

After landing in Warsaw, I got into a car with the local sales leader for Poland and we drove to the event location. It was a 2 hour drive. First, the roads and the land in Poland reminded me very much of my home time in Maine. Very scenic and rural but beautiful and peaceful. We talked storage for 2 hours and I am always festinated at the thirst for knowledge there is when I… Read more »