Storage Tiers - Take 3

I find myself in a true quandary. First, I have true admiration for my good friend and fellow blogger 3Par Farley and never feel comfortable being on the other side of the coin from him. Second, I find myself agreeing, to a degree, with Jon Toigo (who still uses crazy permalinks and considers Novell a serious storage player. What is up with that?).

I’m sure by now most of you all have read… Read more »

Extending the Life and Economics of SSD with Real-time Compression

Last week in was in a number of business development meetings when the question came up, "Can real-time compression work with SSD?" I thought the question was a bit odd because I would have assumed it was obvious that real-time compression would work with any primary storage, including SSD but it turns out that the question was just a validation question on the road to a brilliant solution stack for SSD. The two big issues… Read more »