The Storage Network

With the impending name change to the "Storwize" product, the marketing folks at the old "Storwize" are at it again with their "viral video" campaign. Not sure how many of you have seen the movie or even the trailer to "The Social Network" that grossed $23M in the US brining it to #1 in the box office last week . Its a story of a guy that started in college with an idea and turned… Read more »

So Easy a CIO can Do It!

You have all seen the Geico commercial - "So Easy a Caveman can Do It!" now its time for high tech to jump into another viral-video marketing frenzy with this funny video.

The reality is Storwize is just that simple, plug it in and start saving 50% to 90% of your storage capacity, transparently without changing your applications, your servers, networks or storage. The technology is so easy to implement even your CIO can do… Read more »

High Tech Marketing - Part Duo

It looks like the this while 'viral video' thing just wont die. I am a big fan of 1938 media and their blog. Lots of video on the blog, funny, hits home and is entertaining. I check it out a couple times a day. Loren Feldman is pretty funny.

Today he makes a great point about this 'viral video' stuff. In his post he asks the most direct question we have all been avoiding -… Read more »

High Tech Marketing

Does anyone know what the first 'viral video' really was? I am going to guess it was the dancing baby. At the end of the day, it was funny and you just wanted to watch, you had no idea but it made you laugh. Was it offensive? Perhaps to some MADBIDOTI "Mothers Against Dancing Baby's in Diapers on the Internet" but not sure they really count as the 'target audience' for this.

Over the past… Read more »