A Data Protection Reference Architecture - The Final Chapter

The Architecture

This ‘architecture’ diagram, as you can see, is not a typical architecture diagram, but hopefully it can be used to align your business and business objectives with the technologies that are available and can best be applied to solve your issues helping to balance, cost, complexity and compliance.

This diagram can also be used to do a couple of other things. It can help you begin to classify your data and align your… Read more »

A Data Protection Reference Architecture - Part 1

This blog will have multiple parts. I will introduce my view of a data protection reference architecture and the next few blog posts will talk to components of that architecture.

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with a colleague of mine in Australia. He was looking for a data protection reference architecture that he could use to speak to his customer. As you can imagine having this conversation over the phone could… Read more »

Information Classification - IT's Hardest Job

I have decided information today, is like a group of friends. If you look at my LinkedIn page or my Facebook page you see that I have over 600 connections and over 180 friends respectively. What does this really mean? Obviously don't stay in touch with all of these people. So why do we have these connections? I think it is because we believe that in the future, each one of these connections will offer… Read more »