Information Classification - IT's Hardest Job

I have decided information today, is like a group of friends. If you look at my LinkedIn page or my Facebook page you see that I have over 600 connections and over 180 friends respectively. What does this really mean? Obviously don't stay in touch with all of these people. So why do we have these connections? I think it is because we believe that in the future, each one of these connections will offer… Read more »

Road to Recovery

Our domain, Backup & Beyond was the tagline for Avamar Technologies, a company EMC acquired in November of 2006. This tagline was very fitting from a data protection standpoint because Avamar utilized a traditional client / server architecture to protect data but with a twist. Avamar utilizes a more intelligent client side agent that provides source based, variable block deduplication to enable the most efficient backups available in the market for more than 80% of… Read more »