So Much for My Fancy 'Tag Cloud'

But Now I'll Have No More Plug-in Issues

A good, well respected friend of mine, who does website design, told me that my Storage Alchemist site was 'a little too busy' and didn't have a nice flow for websites of this day and age.  Combine this with the fact that I was starting to have a bunch of problems managing the site.  It would be down every once and a while, and I am no web developer so for me to troubleshoot it took hours, sometimes days.  In addition, and don't get me wrong, my wordpress site got me though a lot, but the plug-ins were starting to fail on a regular basis and you never knew what plug-ins conflicted with other, it was getting to be a big hassle.

So, since my good friend, runs a company, Business Blender, who is in the practice of building websites, she offered to help and make me a more modern site.  I have to say I am thrilled with it.  There was a quick learning curve, but within a few hours, I was creating blog post, embedding photos and video like a champ. Like this one here.

So stay tuned to The Storage Alchemist, there is going to be a lot of new things coming that are pretty cool.

I highly encourage you to check out Business Blender if you need a new, modern site.  They do great work and know there stuff.  Thanks M-


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