Last week I was briefing Dan Kusnetzky, storage analyst from the Kusnetzky Group. I was briefing him on the value proposition of Real-time Compression and it's value proposition to all down stream processes, especially backup. Specifically I told him that there is NO technology available today that can have even 50% of the effect on the existing backup process that Real-time Compression could have without changing any architecture in the backup process.

Dan agreed, in fact, he told me that the Real-time Compression technology meets the "Golden Rules of IT". I asked Dan, "What are the Golden Rules of IT?" and he enlightened me. I didn't make these up so I can't take credit but thought they were definitely worth sharing, and a good rule of thumb to follow for IT. Here they are:

  1. If its not broke, don't fix it.
  2. Don't touch it, you'll break it.
  3. If you touched it, you broke it.
  4. Good enough, is good enough.
  5. Accept your "jerkdom" (Everybody is an Monday morning quarterback)

I have to agree, these are good rules to follow and a great complement to the Real-time Compression technology. The fact that this technology fits into any storage environment, transparently and can optimize storage up to 5x without any performance impact, is very simple and one of the only ways to have a significant, compounding budgetary affect for very little dough.


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