Marketing Gone Awry

Okay, so not many times will you see a blog post from me admitting that, perhaps the marketing and messaging aspect of what I set out to do, probably could have been better thought out.

What am I saying? Well, after the Storwize acquisition into IBM, and IBM so graciously took the “Storwize” name and put it on another product, we needed to come up with… Read more »

5 Most Interesting Things at VMworld 2011

Two solid days at VMworld 2011 and I got to do and see a lot. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 things I saw at VMworld.

#1 The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube

You couldn’t miss it. You walk into the show floor and there they were, larger than life. The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube broadcasting live from VMworld2011. Guests that were on the cube included, Tom Georgens (NTAP), Pat Gelsinger (EMC), David… Read more »

Storage Commercials

Video is really gaining a foothold in how content is delivered, not only in the consumer space but also in the high tech space. Recently I was at SNW where SiliconAngle.TV was broadcasting live from the event. If this is where we are going, I thought it would be good to have my good friends at MediaBoss TV help me with a commercial. All comments welcome.

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