Test/Dev or DevOps – Making Flash More Valuable

Test/Dev or DevOps – Making Flash More Valuable

Two weeks ago at EMCWorld, Josh Goldstein, Marketing and VP of Product Management for Extreme IO was on the Wikibon/SiliconAngle #theCube talking about the value of Copy Data Management for all flash systems. Listen to what Josh had to say here (this video has been cut down to the important copy data management segments):

Data deduplication is about how many bits per square inch can be stored to represent as much data as possible… Read more »

I Lost my Job to AWS

I Lost my Job to AWS

Okay, so maybe I didn’t quite “lose” my job to AWS, but after reading a few articles published in 2014, it became evident how some IT practitioners could be apprehensive about recommending the delivery of a public cloud infrastructure to their companies. It’s a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t decision. Damned if you do, and the benefits of cloud aren’t all they’re chalked up to be; damned if you don’t, and your business opts for the cloud anyhow&hellip… Read more »

Marketing Gone Awry

Okay, so not many times will you see a blog post from me admitting that, perhaps the marketing and messaging aspect of what I set out to do, probably could have been better thought out.

What am I saying? Well, after the Storwize acquisition into IBM, and IBM so graciously took the “Storwize” name and put it on another product, we needed to come up with… Read more »

5 Most Interesting Things at VMworld 2011

Two solid days at VMworld 2011 and I got to do and see a lot. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 things I saw at VMworld.

#1 The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube

You couldn’t miss it. You walk into the show floor and there they were, larger than life. The SiliconAngle / Wikibon Cube broadcasting live from VMworld2011. Guests that were on the cube included, Tom Georgens (NTAP), Pat Gelsinger (EMC), David… Read more »