Storage Commercials

Video is really gaining a foothold in how content is delivered, not only in the consumer space but also in the high tech space. Recently I was at SNW where SiliconAngle.TV was broadcasting live from the event. If this is where we are going, I thought it would be good to have my good friends at MediaBoss TV help me with a commercial. All comments welcome.

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Polycom Saves Big with IBM Real-time Compression

Amit Bar-On, Manager of IT at Polycom in Israel shares his story with us about not only does IBM Real-time Compression save him storage space, that space can actually now be used for people instead of equipment. As Polycom continues it success in the telepresence business, they have grown in the last five years to having over 120 developers in Israel. Office space anywhere is expensive, in Tel-Aviv it is VERY expensive. Polycom is… Read more »

Snowball VFX Keeps the Avalanche Under Control

What a great name, Snowball. And much like information can behave like a "snowball" turning into an "avalanche", Snowball VFX has been able to control the avalanche of data utilizing the IBM Real-time Compression technology. Here in this video customer case study, Yoni Cohen, Founder of Snowball talks about the value of Real-time Compression in his environment.

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