Data Protection, Retention and Archive Starts with Data Value

It feels good to open up the blogging again to new topics, especially ones I am intimately familiar with. (But have no fear, there will be references to primary storage optimization / compression.)

This weekend I had an interesting conversation with my Dad. We were discussing backup. My dad basically runs IT for the State of Maine. The State of Maine uses CommVault backup software. So I posed the question to him, “What would it… Read more »

Polycom Saves Big with IBM Real-time Compression

Amit Bar-On, Manager of IT at Polycom in Israel shares his story with us about not only does IBM Real-time Compression save him storage space, that space can actually now be used for people instead of equipment. As Polycom continues it success in the telepresence business, they have grown in the last five years to having over 120 developers in Israel. Office space anywhere is expensive, in Tel-Aviv it is VERY expensive. Polycom is… Read more »

Storage Alchemist Video Update

Hey, as most of you know, IBM purchased Storwize and changed the name. I have updated all of my previous videos that talked about the technology from saying "Storwize" to "Real-time Compression" - and added some more technical details. Also, with the help of Media Boss, I have updated the intro - pretty cool stuff! Have a look and tell me what you think!

runningDATA Goes Live

I have been following Wikibon and Dave Vellante (founder) for a long time. It has always been a goal to produce something like TechTV or ITTV (like HGTV). Live TV for the IT folks. Last week it happened. I am very proud of what Dave has done. Check it out!

Storwize - What is in a Name, Really?

Today IBM is making one of the most significant storage announcements in the last 10 years. (Steve Duplessie is quoted as saying “…last 20 years.” but announcing that they were basically getting out of the storage business in 2000 by selling their Mylex division was pretty significant.)

Today IBM has made it abundantly clear that they are back in the storage business. It makes a lot of sense actually. Servers have been commoditized to… Read more »