Last month I took a trip to India.  I don’t know that I had ever wanted to spend 20 hours traveling to get some place, but I am very glad I did.  I have started to realize, every time I travel and see the world outside of the US, I learn so much.  For example, did you know that India has a very similar on-line way of buying movie tickets like our own Fandago? It’s called Book My Show.  They also get a way better deal on movies, its like 150 rupees or $2.25 per ticket.  That was just one of the topics we discussed when it came to technology and hosted services in India.

I spoke with Neil Pollock, CEO of NxtraData, a data center managed services business in India, a very successful one at that.  Neil, a native of Australia, has worked in a number of high-tech companies throughout his career and stated emphatically, “The way the Indian market adapts and adopts new technology is phenomenal.”  Neil is pretty passionate about the growth potential in the Indian market.  I also think a number of technology vendors think the same way if you look at the press lately with the likes of Amazon investing in India, Google, and others.  I got more and more excited as I talked to Neil and saw his passion for the possible in India.  Here is a teaser for our next Data Unknown episode, episode 3, where we explore how data is impacting everyone's life, globally.